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 Rules of Clan!

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PostSubject: Rules of Clan!   Tue Feb 02, 2010 10:01 am

~~~ Rules ~~~

*Don't use cheats like wallhacks, aimbots, ... When you are >>|RAS* member, and you cheat, you will be banned from the clan.
* Have respect for other clan members.
* Don't use your admin rights (if you have them) for fun. If you do so, you will loose them.
* We expect you on our trainings.
* You can find the trainings and wars on our calendar. Let us know if you can't play then.
* Log in to Ventrilo and or Xfire when you come gaming. The same for trainings and wars.
* Skills are required.
* This is a funclan, however, we will play much matches too!
* Please present yourself (using the forums or Ventrilo).
* If you don't show up or post any "I am still alive" messages within 6 weeks, you will be taken off the Roster and removed from the clan.
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Rules of Clan!
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